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    KAPOW! Auction emerged by combining our love of comics, toys, film, and all things pop culture with an energetic drive to deliver quality and professionalism in the auction industry. It is our goal to make auctions fun and easy for buyers and sellers alike. 


    Founded by owner and principal auctioneer James Cates, CAI in 2024, KAPOW! Auction begins life in the fast lane, not to take over the world, but to join in the race that stokes all our nostalgic fires. As a principal auctioneer and real estate broker, James began his auction career in 2008 and has participated in tens-of-millions sold in real estate and personal property. A native of South Knoxville, TN, he is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and holds the prestigious CAI designation (Certified Auctioneers Institute), a robust three year commitment at the University of Indiana which focuses on business development in all types of auctions. A member of the National Auctioneers Association, he regularly attends national conventions believing this to be paramount in staying on the cutting-edge of the ever-changing world of auctions.


    The road to KAPOW! Auction has been a long one. It very likely began in 1984 at the Hop-In filling station on Sevier Ave. when he picked up a copy of Marvel Comics G.I. Joe #21. Or maybe it began with one of the numerous Star Wars and Transformers figures scavenged at Hill’s department store*, or perhaps while playing his father’s Jethro Tull LPs— we all have these stories and they all deserve to be told. We may collect, we may hoard, and we may trade, but above all else, we remember. 


    We can go it alone or we can go there with friends, and it is our supreme goal to get there with you as a friend and a partner in all of our collecting adventures. Whether it's comics, toys, classic vinyl, posters, film, or whatever it is you love… let’s all have some fun finding it.



It’s a great day for an auction!


James C. Cates, CAI


*And mom, if you read this, the many, many, MANY hours spent at flea markets and yard sales also had a profound affect. Take that as you will! 

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